Thursday, February 16, 2012
Why are you so cute and silly? It's making it harder for me to stop. :(

Thursday, January 5, 2012
1st week of Jan
So, this week is my first work week and it was actually quite boring, to be honest. I would wish that I was given work to do, but this whole week was just nothing but observation and I would just sit at one corner of the class and stone or chat a bit with suen or with the students. So yesterday and today, I ended work at 11am. It's almost like not doing any work. I really feel a bit apprehensive about getting paid during the training period because I'm really of NO help to them. :( Sigh, but tomorrow we would be staying in the church office for the whole day so hopefully, we would be given some admin work to do. :D ANd tomorrow, we'll be having our presentation!!! Hope that it would be smooth running. *winks* Till then!

Friday, December 30, 2011
New year resolution
Hey! 2011 had been an awesome year, where I had my many first times with my friends.
First night cycling, first karaoke, first jb trip with friends, first time clubbing. LOL. It's quite an eventful year... ok maybe eventful month. Because I truly believe I live like a human finally after A levels. And I seriously don't think the end of times is coming next year. Oh please. The bible states that Jesus would come like a thief slowly in the night during end times. With everyone knowing end times is in December 2012, it's like announcing end times with a drum already! So it contradicts what the bible says and we're not gonna die next year. Whoever still believes that end times is coming next year, tell me, I'll give you a call in 2013 to say hi. :)

Ok my new year resolution.
1) Slim down. I'm really serious this time i'm going to run at the gym frequently.
2) Try to bring my ah ma to hokkien service.
3) Try to bring my mum to service regularly.
4) Love people around me, even people I dislike. (difficulttttttt)
5) Challenge myself to read the bible EVERYDAY.
6) Need to be more outspoken and less awkward. :)
To be continued. ;)

Sunday, December 25, 2011
It's been a tough year, but it ended well too.
This is one hugeass long post.

It's christmas! Happy birthday to dearest Jesus. You are forever so loved by whoever believes in you. ;D Yep, it's been a tough and relatively crappy year cos it's A levels year. Whole year do nothing except to study. Weekends burnt because of tuitions and homework and camping in SP to study. And when I say camping it's like 10am-10pm kind, like a crazy mugger. People ask me out to play, I would say I need to study. Nonetheless, I still had my fun times with my friends whether during breaks in school, when mugging with loh suen, going to cell to meet all the people I love, having laksa with claudia or calling cheryl just to talk for hours. (haha maybe only 1.5 hours but still hours. lol) I've gained so much more than I should ever receive this year. And the biggest christmas gift came when my mother decided to come to church finally. I literally teared when I see her clapping her hands during worship. I know she only clapped as a show of respect, but still, I'm so touched by all the things God is working on in my life. I know the time is nearing when she would finally surrender her life to God because she just told me that she would be attending her friend's church again, probably a few weeks later.

Our god is SO SO real, nothing can ever prove that he's not real and not present. He knows us even better than we know ourselves. And probably also loving us more than we love ourselves. I'm obviously worried for A levels results, but I'm choosing to just let Him take over my worries. Whatever results I get, it would all be in his great plan for me. Of course I would feel upset if i did badly but I guess I'll get over it once I enter the university He wants me to enter.

Anyway, this post is just dedicated to God and my friends who have been supporting me throughout this whole year. Hehe here goes.
Loh suen: I seriously won't know how I can survive my A levels period without her. (Said it a lot of times already) She's like so much more disciplined than me, everytime I talk to her she will say 'study lah!' Thank God for her that I cut down my nonsense by half and spend more time on studying. When lunch and dinner time wass our most anticipated time of the day and we would crap and eat and gossip and laugh out loud at the same time. (but we will feel guilty afterwards for wasting time on talking. HAHA.) Best is the lunch time after Chem tuition when we would have math tuition 1.5 hours later. That time is really just talking because there's seriously no time to study and that's always the time I look forward to. HEHE thanks loh.

Cheryl: I think it's funny how we always say everything about our week on the phone and when we finally meet up, there would be nothing left to say. But somehow or another, we would still be able to find things to talk about. It's really difficult to find a friend who can talk about everything under the sun with you and is also always there for her friends in need. And we both know our chao kuan very well. (Our bad habits) Really thank god for putting you in my life, you've really been a huge blessing to to me. Thanks for the many many other things too which I've probably mentioned to you a million times.

Claudia: I really want to thank you for tolerating my nonsense and my insensitivity. Always misunderstanding you, but always forgiven by you even though you are not willing to do it easily. Without you, I wouldn't come to know God and I would be leading such a sad life with no meaning. HAHA and of course your all time nonsense can! Always saying something cute or pulling my fats on my arms. Terrible man. And of course my laksa, xiao long bao and suan la mian mate. Even though we won't be meeting each other frequently anymore cos we are splitting cell, I'm sure we would still be meeting each other to catch up. Right? LOL.

Guin: Although we both know that we are no longer as close that we used to be, still wanted to thank you for being so forgiving. Misunderstood you too and you explained yourself just to let me understand. Anyway just wanna let you know that I still love you and if there's any problems you can still find me. I'm not just a hi-bye friend you know? HEHE.

Shu wennnn: Thanks so much for being so funny! LOL tank your nonsense man! And you always use the word tank I think it's funny also. Hehe thanks for studying with me too and bringing in so much joy into my life. :D

Wang zhe: You've been such a mean friend but I still love you nonetheless. At first I really tak boleh tahan your nonsense but after that when I got used to all that, it was then did I realise that you've actually been a nice and caring friend. The notes you always write to us is so sweet and you've really brought a lot of laughter to me in my JC life. You won't see this post for sure but just wanted to pen it all down in case I forget you many years down the road.

Yanning: Oh my, the nicest person I've ever met in my life? So sweet and all. I've been ponning school like no tomorrow but you still wrote down all my homework for me in a post it, doing corrections for me, lending me your corrections to copy without me asking and just being so nice. I've never really met someone as nice as you and it was quite shocking at first. :/ Thank god for you really.

Cell brothers and sisters: Thank god for the cell He has given me and the time I've spent with them throughout this whole year. Thank god for the bonding sessions after my A's that bonded me with them. Now we are like shou dao pi gu lan. LOL. They've really brought so much fun and laughter into my life. Elijah with the constant lame jokes. The funniest is the town triangle can? I asked' Is this city square mall?' Then he said town triangle. Can don't laugh or not you tell me. Jia yu for always being so nice to everyone, lijie, grace and geena for being so sweet, shaun and leo for being so funny. Ai ya just everyone there and especially kelly who's so patient with us.

You all may or not read this, but just wanted to let all of you know that I love you all so much. I may not have many many friends but I'm more than satisfied with this amount of friends. Thanks for tolerating my nonsense, for my jokes that may not even be funny at times, for my insensitivity, for everything.

Many people would step into your life this whole lifetime, but there's only a few which would leave footprints in your life and you all have left footprints in my life. One whole long mushy post I also cannot stand finish reading it. LOL. K byeeeeeeeee.

Friday, December 9, 2011
Having fun under the sun!
Hey! So, this week had been a really fun and busy week! And I'm lovin' it! Hehe. If you all know me well, you would know that I can't stay at home all day and just rot myself away. 1 or 2 days is fine but certainly not 4 to 5 days of rotting at home. If not I would go crazy. Yeah, so I managed to catch up with my primary school friend and watch 50-50. That show is just amazing! Amazing is an understatement to describe how good that film is. It's like a comedy, yet at the same time touching cos it's a true story of a guy getting cancer and how he fought it through. (With some additional humour scenes of course.) Yep! So catch the movie if you all can.

AND... I learnt some basic chords on the guitar from jia yu and kelly and it's really satisfying. HAHA, and I can play some slow songs also. Cool right, only a few days leh. But I'm still a total noob lah. I don't even know how to play the guitar and sing a song at the same time. Either play the guitar or sing the song. I just can't coordinate both together. :/ Oh and thank god for denise's guitar for me to practice playing the guitar at home. :) I want to learn the keyboard too actually. It feels great to be musically inclined. HAHAHA.

Oh, and I'm actually quite excited for my job next year at TOUCH. Though I haven't really understand what the job is about, but I think I will like it cos the timing for the job is flexible and it involves interacting with people which is kinda interesting. Like a trainer you know? Meanwhile tuition jobs please.

p/s: Dislike organising outings with low participation rate.
p/ps: Super dislike irresponsible people.
ppp/s: I may be volunteering at TYA! Yoohoo. One step closer to serving god. ;)

Monday, December 5, 2011
It's a starry starry night
Hey yall. Since I can't sleep, I might as well blog. So this week, I've had my fair share of fun, going out everyday since A's ended except for Saturday and Sunday. BUT, just 2 days of staying at home already drove me crazy because it is OH-SO-BORING. I can't emphasise how much I want to leap out of my house to play and have fun in the sun but everyone's either overseas, working, or busy preparing for their exams. Sigh, and even if I found someone to go out with me, out of 7 days, I would still be at home for at least 3 days. Oh wait a minute, what I've said so far does not mean that I really need to play and waste money. I just need to get out of my house. So, conslusion is I need to find a job fast and pray to see where I can serve the Lord in instead of wasting my time watching dramas everyday. It's such a waste of time seriously.

And I badly want to teach home tuition, but after registering at over 15 websites, none got back to me. And even if they do, they don't call me back after calling me once to see if I'm interested. Someone give me tuition kids to teach please. I only have interest in teaching home tuition to earn money actually coz I just want to impart my learning skills to others. LOL.

Oh, and I havent mentioned why I can't sleep at this unearthly hour. It's because I took a damn long afternoon nap earlier today for 5 hours. 5 hours! Can you believe it? Only stupid people like me would sleep for 5 hours in the afternoon and then can't sleep now. -.- Absolute stupidity. Digressing, seeing all my friends going overseas just make me wanna go too. I wish they could pack me in their luggage but that will never happen. At least if I go overseas, 1 week would be gone quickly. :D But oh well, I need to be thankful for what I have instead of complaining of things I do not have.

This song is stuck in my head. It's like so nice and encouraging. "Ashes to Beauty"
''You turn ashes to beauty, mourning to dancing. Anguish to songs of praise.
Pour your spirit over me, let your love rain down.''

Friday, December 2, 2011
It feels like a dream
Okay. So the long awaited 'after A's' is finally here. It was here two days ago actually. Time really passes really quickly. Still remembering my rants about how preparation for A's is so tough and I'm wishing 24/7 that it would all end quickly. And the amount of joy and freedom felt after A's is certainly much more than the feelings felt after O's. Even though life after A's is always overrated. (like I would be SO HAPPY after A's, but actually I'm just happy) But of course, it's not unwelcomed either. No one would ever want to experience going through A's again. (at least in my circle of friends) The journey is just tough, monotonous, and dreadful. Much much much more tougher than the preparation for O's. Because preparation for O's, frankly speaking could be done last minute. But oh well, it's all over now. The nightmare is over and it's time to welcome a new era.

Nonetheless, I would really want to thank all my friends in my JC life. Without them, it would be so tough to handle this JC journey. It had been short but also a sweet one. I'm always saying I won't keep in touch with my JC classmates, (because the amount of time I spent with them is less than 2 years) but I no longer think so now. I mean I'm already missing them now. If we don't make an effort to organise gatherings, I would never ever meet them anymore since there's no more school. Choir also left wonderful memories for me. The Gold with honours at SYF, full marks at the Slovakia competition, all these really left sweet memories for me about choir. :') And the nice J1 altos too, too funny to handle. HAHA. I guessed that's really the end of JC life. :)

p/s: I'm already missing the wangzhe who would be away till June and the bimbo loh will only be back 3 weeks later. :(
pp/s: Should I go for choir farewell?

That person
Mei Ling
16 going on 17
Loves slacking~

Musical Notes

W. spells
• Good exam results.
•Good relationship with friends.XD
• Slim down!.
•More clothes?.
• New bags.!
• New shoes!.

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